NIGHT FLOWER – Natural Hair & Beauty Collection is a line of 100% natural & organic, handcrafted beauty products for body, face and thick, curly hair. We create luxurious products using pure and wholesome ingredients that condition, replenish and illuminate dry, dull skin and hair with their mineral, nutrient and moisture-rich properties.

We believe in the link between environment and health and are inspired to create products that align with compassion and respect for both self and nature. Our deep commitment to ecological beauty means that all NIGHT FLOWER products are free from synthetic chemical preservatives, fragrances, colours or toxic additives of any kind.

We handcraft our products with love and purpose, drawing on the healing power and abundance of the natural world. In creating magical formulas made with the finest natural ingredients, we seek to offer products that satisfy and nourish from the outside in - helping you to look and feel more naturally beautiful!